How to distinguish a fake or replica Mou boot from an original Mou?

Mou boots are undoubtedly the best complement for this winter's outfits, everyone wants to have them and no wonder. There are so many models and colors that you can perfectly use one for every occasion.

These shoes are characterized by the excellent quality of their materials, they are extremely warm, soft to the touch, comfortable and above all, they last for years. They were born in London and celebrities from all walks of life wear them in their winter looks.

Each of the designs are composed of top quality natural fibers and this makes them unique among the others. Therefore, throughout this text, we will teach you what characteristics you have to take into account to distinguish an original Mou boot from a fake one. Pay attention!

Main features of the original Mou boots

In the market, as we already know, there are endless imitations of all brand products and there are also Mou boots. Of course, these do not resemble the originals, since they are not manufactured with the same quality of materials and do not have the same finishes.

When you are looking for this product, we recommend that you go directly to a store where they sell original mou boots and in this way you will avoid deception. In any case, we show you the main characteristics that you should take into account.

Inside of the Mou boot

As we mentioned at the beginning, the original Mou boots are too warm and this is because they are made with sheep wool in a double-sided version, throughout their interior, not just in one part. In addition, the inside is made of 100% sheepskin.


Without a doubt, the seams are one of the main characteristics of Mou boots, since they are made of wool and hand-woven and believe me, this detail is easily noticeable. Let us remember that they are handmade, with unique details.

So, the seams are a fundamental point for you to take into account when distinguishing an original from an imitation. Some seams come in the same color as the boot and others, such as the camel, are made with gray seams.


The sole of the original Mou boots has an approximate height of 2 centimeters and is made of EVA rubber. This material, of course, is of high quality, like all of the brand. It is a resistant, light and durable sole, since it does not wear out as happens with imitations.


Surely you are wondering how to realize this feature and the answer is very simple, just by trying it you will realize it, since they are light, soft to the touch and warm.

These three components make them comfortable boots that feel like you are wearing sneakers.

Why invest in original Mou boots?

Did you know that Mou in French means: soft? There couldn't be a better name for this shoe. After all the characteristics that we observe throughout this text, it is easy to realize that it is worth investing in original Mou boots.

The perfect footwear to combat the coldest days, your feet are at a high temperature all winter. If you don't have any yet, we recommend buying some classic ones (camel, black, gray), since they easily combine with all clothes.