How to size Mou boots

How do you size Mou boots?

Mou boots are undoubtedly footwear that all women would like to have in their wardrobe, and no wonder. Every year they set a trend, as they stand out for their artisanal manufacturing, with perfect finishes.

When purchasing Mou boots, it is important to take into account some aspects that may influence the model we end up buying, since their good quality means they last for many years.

One of the main doubts that we all have when buying footwear is the size, so throughout this text we will explain in detail how to select the correct Mou boot.

In general, they are characterized by being large, in the style of all “Australian boots”. This feature has to do with the padding they have inside, for example, if your size is 38, you should select 37 . Likewise, it is always advisable to check the size chart beforehand.

How to size mou boots

Another tip that we offer you from Il Baco Da Seta women's fashion store is to keep the toe of the boot in mind. This means that it is important that there is a margin of approximately half a centimeter at the toe.

Recommendations to buy the right size for your MOU Boots

The brand has many models, in different colors and for each season. Likewise, these models have different characteristics in their sizes.

Size with inner wedge

The model with an inner wedge is usually a larger size , fitting half a size or one size larger , but of course this depends on the foot of each user. It is one of the most sought after models, since they provide comfort and stylize the female figure.

Many times it happens that it is necessary to choose a lower number than usual and other times not. That is why it is essential that, when purchasing this product, you try it with a cotton sock or the one you usually wear.

In addition, there is a model on the market that is made with an inner wedge that is a little higher than the “common” ones. In this case, the construction is tighter in the instep, so your usual size will be fine.

Size without wedge

This boot model, like the rest, are created with the goal that the woman who wears them feels comfortable. Its soles and finishes last for years.

The ideal size of the boot without a wedge is the one you usually use in other types of footwear . Also keep in mind that these boots can be worn without socks, if you wish, and in that case the size may vary a little.

Spring-summer road

MOU expands its infinite collection of boots for this new season. One of the most striking adaptations to boots are sports shoes, of course they do not lack the characteristic stitching finish.

Like classic boots, the size of summer sneakers is normal and you can select your usual size.