MOU vs UGG Boots

Both brands make their boots with sheepskin on both sides with a fleece lining inside, a tanned exterior and mostly have a synthetic sole. Ideal for keeping your feet warm, since they completely isolate the cold, but of course there are also some differences between them.

In recent years, the fantastic MOU boots became very well known, as they were part of the best looks of It girls and actresses recognized around the world. They provide style, warmth and comfort and you can find the entire autumn-winter collection at II Baco Da Seta. The selection is wide for this season and its designs are designed for today's woman.

In fact, one of the big differences is that recognizing them is very easy: their exterior seam and eclectic design make them authentic and unique. They are made by hand with natural materials. All Mou models are perfect to have in your closet and complete your daily outfit.

Another difference, and certainly very important, is that MOU offers a much larger number of models than UGG, only the classic model has more than 20 different colors, more than 4 shaft heights and you can also purchase the internal wedge version.

Additionally, for more daring women, who dare to give a different touch to their look, there are designs with studs, glitter, rhinestones, among many others.

For the beginning of intense cold days, Mou boots are the warmth that your feet need. Being fashionable is possible with these boots that make your looks stand out from the rest.

Mou boots in Spain: they set the trend in winter looks

Women who wear Mou boots choose them for their comfort, for their quality materials and also for the elegance they impart to any garment they wear, achieving the most trendy result you can think of.

Without a doubt, they are a sensation for this new season, since thanks to their composition they insulate against cold and humidity. Their versatility and comfort make them the favorite footwear of any avant-garde woman.

Combining your street style with Mou boots is one of the most used options by everyone, since the look will look super sophisticated and original, everything that today's woman wants, right? In addition, there are super bags to take to the office, go for a walk with friends or even attend a dinner.

One of the products with which they are made is nubuck, a style of fine leather, others with metallic synthetic material and there are also models with sheepskin, which means that there is a design for each woman, being able to select one of her own. style and preference.

Mou boots go with everything. Just imagine the look you want and put it into practice. A tip, they look great with pants and a blazer or with oversized dresses. Cheer up!

If you are one of the women who likes to be comfortable, but at the same time wear heels, you will love the Mou boot models with heels, which do not exceed 5 cm. Some of them have it on the outside, and others have it lined.

Mou Boots in Valencia: a basic for your wardrobe

Although Mou boots have an unconventional style, which is what makes all women want to purchase one, they are still a classic for the wardrobe.

All the designs offered are combined with traditional hand-making techniques to give it a special touch of natural beauty with exclusive leathers.

The goal of the brand is for women to feel comfortable, warm and elegant when using it. In addition, their soles have a top-quality finish that will last for many seasons.

Mou boots, also called and known by the name Australian, are triumphing this season on the streets of any city. They steal all eyes with their chic and attractive style.

All you have to do is go to the II Baco Da Seta women's fashion store website. or go to the physical store, located on Calle Isabel La Católica, 16, 46004 Valencia to choose an authentic Mou boot .