Recommended women's coats for this winter

When creating a complete look, there is no doubt that you cannot miss a trendy garment and in this case we will talk about women's coats for this winter. There are so many on the market that the secret is to find the right one and know the most important points that we must take into account to select the ideal one.

Coats are those essential garments that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, since in addition to keeping you warm on the coldest days, they complete any outfit both day and night.

This season, the range of coats is quite wide and throughout this text we will detail each one of them. Below are the points you should take into account when buying women's winter coats .

  • Colors: of course the usual classics cannot be missing, grey, blue. camel, beige, white. But if you want to go for more, pinks and chocolate are first on the list.
  • Fabrics: without a doubt they cannot be missing in any season, since they are soft to the touch and provide warmth to perfection. The most commonly used material is knitted, but you can also find those made of rigid fabric, such as leather.
  • Details: those that always make the difference. The choice of these depends a lot on the taste of each person, however, some coats come with studs, sequins, glitter, fringes, etc.

Before continuing, we show you some tips that you should keep in mind: “the accessories” of the coats that cannot be missing, and these are handbags, hats, gloves and scarves. Of course, any of them must be part of the look.

Checkered coat

If you know a little about fashion, you will know that paintings do not know seasons, since as time goes by they continue to be one of the most chosen. The color combination varies, but gray, blue and beige tones look very elegant.

Tailored coat

This type of coat is among the most classic and has a more masculine line, so to speak. These coats are characterized by being long, having lapels and shoulder pads. It is a garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe, because it is very versatile when it comes to combining and also lasts over time.

Robe coat

Another classic that is among the most selected every season. This coat is characterized by its crossover cut and has a belt at the waist to tie, it is a good alternative if you like more sober lines.

short fur coat

Short fur coats are no longer as classic as the previous ones, and they can also be found in more striking colors. Without a doubt, it is an ideal garment for those women who want to be warm in winter and at the same time have a trendy garment.

Quilted coat

Nowadays you can find so many models of padded coats that you really won't know which one to choose, from short to long below the knee, in all colors and with different designs. This coat adds a trendy touch to your style that you can't miss.

Pink or fuchsia coat

Without a doubt, the pink or fuchsia coat is a trend this season. Although they are colors that are a little more difficult to combine, with white or black they look great and do not fail. Dare to add color to the cold days!